Have you ever thought about how that crooked tooth gets magically aligned with the help of braces? The answer is a fantastic process called bone remodeling. In this detailed web blog, we will look deeper into the fascinating science behind it. Teen orthodontic treatment procedures require the strategic application of braces or clear aligners. They gradually shift the positions of mismatched teeth over time. This process is performed to treat misalignment of teeth and teeth gaps and to address bite issues. By applying gentle pressure, we use tools to help shift them into the proper space. This improves the aesthetic of your smile and also enhances overall oral health. It is easier to clean and reduces the risks of other dental issues like decay and gum diseases. Let’s discuss more about how teeth move during teen orthodontic treatment.

The Science Behind Teeth Movements

The mystery behind this transformation depends upon the incredible biological dance-of bone remodeling. Our bone tissues are constantly breaking down and rebuilding. This natural process is one of the allies in achieving that beautiful smile. Let’s break it down further in a sci-fi way;

  • We have tiny specialized cells called osteoclasts that degrade bone and initiate bone remodeling. Osteoclasts dissolve old and damaged bone tissues and replace them with new tissues. Think of Osteoclasts as a deconstruction crew.
  • On the other hand, some osteoblasts help your bones grow and develop. Let’s call these construction crew. They step in to build new, healthy, and more muscular bone tissues (Wowza). This breakup and makeover keep your jawbone healthy (and your jawline sharp as a knife, pun intended).

Teenage Orthodontic treatments use these natural processes to their benefit. The smooth, constant pressure applied by braces or clear aligners disturbs the balance of bone remodeling (in a good way). Here is how it works:

  1. Pressure Drives Change: The constant pressure from the braces or aligners on a particular area of the jawbone sends a signal to the body.
  2. Osteoclast In Action: The pressure from the braces has an equal and opposite reaction on the osteoclasts. So, osteoclasts become active on the side of the tooth that needs to move. They start breaking down the bone tissues, creating tiny spaces.
  3. Osteoblasts Cover the Gap: As soon as the space is created, osteoblasts on the other side of the tooth start to work. They build up new bone tissues and cover the gaps.
  4. Gradual Shifting of Teeth. With these joint efforts, the tooth gently starts aligning correctly with the newly formed bone.

This process takes place slowly over time, with each set of braces or aligners applying slightly different pressure. The movement of teeth leads to achieving the desired tooth movement. It’s a testament to the great adaptability of your body and teen orthodontic treatments to create a healthy smile.

Clear Braces vs. Braces: Choosing the Right Teen Orthodontic Treatment

This process happens gradually over time, with each new set of braces or aligners applying slightly different pressure to achieve the desired tooth movement. It’s a testament to your body’s amazing adaptability and the clever way orthodontics harnesses it to create a beautiful and healthy smile.

Traditional Braces: Tried And True Option

Metal or Clear braces have been used in orthodontics for years. They offer reliable and practical solutions for misaligned teeth. Here’s how they work:

  1. Orthodontic Braces or Bonding: Small braces are safely connected to the front surface of each tooth with the help of a special adhesive. Orthodontic bonding is an adhesive used for braces. It’s also called dental cement. 
  2. The Guiding Wire: A thin, flexible arch wire is threaded through slots in the braces, connecting all the teeth. This wire acts like a gentle track, guiding the teeth into their desired positions.
  3. Tightening Up: During regular appointments, we will adjust the arch wire, applying a slight tightening force. This controlled pressure triggers the bone remodeling process we discussed earlier, gradually moving the teeth over time.
  4. Elastic Power (Optional): Small rubber bands (elastics) may sometimes connect specific teeth or braces, adding targeted pressure for more complex movements.

Braces offer precise control over tooth movement and effectively address various orthodontic issues. However, their visibility can be a concern for some teenagers.

Clear Aligners (Invisalign)

Clear Aligners are an alternative to traditional braces. Here is how they help you, with excellent results:

  1. Custom-Made Clear Trays: Invisalign orthodontic treatment involves wearing a series of clear plastic aligners. Each aligner is different and designed to gradually shift teeth into their ideal spaces.
  2. Gentle Pressure: The aligners are made of a smooth and comfortable material that fits gently over your teeth. They exert controlled pressure to shift your teeth, similar to braces.
  3. Powerful Gradual Change: You have to wear each aligner set for a particular time. The recommended time is two weeks. After that, you switch to the next slightly adjusted set in the series. This gradual movement leads to a comfortable and gradual change of teeth positions.
  4. The Ultimate Transformation: One of the greatest benefits of Invisalign is that it is almost invisible. The clear aligners are mostly undetectable when worn, making them a popular choice among folks who wish for a more discreet teen orthodontic treatment.

Invisalign offers a clear benefit in terms of aesthetics. It may or may not be suitable for all cases. We will assess your needs and recommend the most effective treatment approach.

Dr. Gustavo Vivaldi: Leading the Way in Invisalign Excellence

Dr Gustavo Vivaldi is a beacon of excellence in teen orthodontic treatments in Sydney. He is renowned for his expertise in Invisalign treatments. His prestige has earned him the well-deserved title of the best orthodontist in Sydney. With over two decades of experience in orthodontics and a remarkable 17 years specializing in Invisalign, he has earned a top spot in Sydney. His commitment to patient care and dental advancement is unparalleled. He founded The Ortho Partners, an educational platform that helps practitioners in clear aligner cases, including Invisalign. Dr. Vivaldi extends his expertise far beyond the confines of his practice. His recent feature in Bite Magazine shows his invaluable contributions to the field. It also underscores our clinic’s dedication to delivering the utmost care. At Vivaldi Smile Clinic, under Dr. Vivaldi’s guidance, we offer the finest Invisalign aligners for teens and clear braces for teens in Sydney CBD. With Dr. Vivaldi as our guide, rest assured that your smile is in the hands of a pioneer in dental excellence.

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